How Virtual Reality is Changing the Real Estate Game

First of all, what is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way through the use of equipments such as special headgear, phone screens and sensored gloves or gadgets. In short, Virtual Reality allows you to emerge into a seemingly-real fantasy. Due to that, VR first became increasingly popular within the world of video games but, then grew within many different fields which saw the potential use and benefits of using VR, one of them being real estate.

The usual real estate process involves a lot of back and forth between properties and meetings with a real estate agent. It comes to the point where clients are unsure of what house had what and the houses all start blending in together. But now, virtual reality is changing everything. With VR there isn’t even a need to leave the real estate agent’s office to visit houses because the walk through can be done virtually. House models come to life in a three-dimensional way that let clients grasp a better feel of the transitions between rooms and overall layout of the house. VR allows for a better visualization of the property than the old-school two-dimensional brochures.

More so, with virtual reality, pre-constructions homes can be walked through and give the buyer a better sense of what they are investing in, giving buyers more confidence in their purchase.

Over all, the real estate game is changing with the addition of virtual reality and the benefits are seemingly-unreal.

Nicole is currently a Junior at Florida State University studying Computer Science. She is from the Dominican Republic and has a passion for traveling and photography.